Providing direct access to the Nordics with the next generation network

A new fiber optical sea cable system between Norway and the UK will open the door for the establishment of large data centers in Nor-way at a significantly reduced costs. The new sea cable system will deliver the next genera-tion fiber pairs meeting the content providers requirements for dark fiber between large hy-perscale datacenters. Cold air, ice-cold fjords and low priced green hydroelectric power, Norway is an attractive place to establish a solid data center industry. The climate is ideal and will reduce the cost for cooling a hyperscale data center using green hy-droelectric power. The Norwegian authorities have acknowl-edged the need for alternative routes in and out of Norway to increase the international redun-dancy. They recently reduced several datacen-ter related taxes and will also provide financial support to new international fiber connections in an attempt to invite large international server houses to establish a presence in Norway.

“Our vision is to deliver next generation high quality dark fiber connection between global international hyperscale datacenters and that Norway shall become a part of a global edge/core network by 2020,” said Dag Aanensen, CTO NO-UK Com AS. “The future in data traffic growth comes from traffic between hyperscale datacenters and the edge datacenters. This re-quires access to redundant sea cable connec-tions with further access to an abundant amount of power produced in region to minimize costs. We would rather export processed data than just pure electricity.” According to Aanensen, “This cable is an open system. Up to 8 dark fiber pairs will be made available for the datacenter market. We are not locking this cable system into only one provider, creating a monopoly. Our prices for lit capacity (Wavelength/Dark spectrum) will be at a European continental price level.”

“The new sea cable system is part of a much larger value proposition. In a very short time Norway has become a more data center friendly country,” Aanensen added. “We are geographi-cally closer to the UK and US market than Swe-den and Denmark. This cable will deliver the lowest latency route between the Nordics and the UK/US.”

• Next generation fiber – 8 pairs
• Low latency with direct routes to UK/US
• Open cable system
• Datacentre to datacentre fiber
• RFS Q419


The cable landing station in Norway will be located in Green Mountain’s data center at Rennesøy in Rogaland (Tier III data center). The compa-ny is a data center for several major Norwegian and inter-national companies. The tech-nical infrastructure is strong with good physical safeguards.

The cable investors (several industrial telco´s in Norway) can provide fiber backhaul to major cities in the Nordics. In the UK the plan is to in-stall a cable landing station in the Newcastle area. From the cable landing station the proj-ect is already in contact with partners providing backhaul to major cities in UK and US.

• Cable route approx. 720 km
• Designed technical life-time 25 years
• Up to 8 dark fiber pairs sys-tem designed to provide in total 240 Tbit/s
• Data wholesale service at 100/400 Gbit/s /Dark Spectrum
• Expected RFS Q419


Dag Aanensen is CTO of NO-UK COM AS, and possesses more than 25 years’ experience in the international telecommunications in-dustry. He was responsible for buying/sell-ing many of today’s active fiber optical tele-communications systems for both undersea and terrestrial applications, and personally conducted business in 25 countries. He is the Founder of Nordic Consulting AS, providing project support for Oil & Gas and Telecom industries.

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