Cold air, ice-cold fjords, and low-priced green hydroelectric power, Norway is an attractive place to establish a solid data center industry. The climate is ideal and will reduce the cost of cooling of hyperscale data centers by using green hydroelectric power.


A new fiber optic sea cable system between Norway and the UK is a door opener for the establishment of large data centers in Norway at a significantly reduced cost. Our new fiber optic sea cable system opens a new digital highway to and from the Nordics with state of the art fiber that can generate from 18 to 48 Terabyte per fiber pair.

The need for the Englandcable is driven by the need for a fast, secure and dark fiber optic cable between Norway, the continent, and the UK. Large international data centers need a secure and fast connection to locate data centers in Norway. In addition, Norwegian authorities have acknowledged the need for alternative routes in and out of Norway to increase the international redundancy.

Norway is the gateway between Scandinavia and the UK/US market for datacenter to datacenter communication. From the landing stations in Stavanger and Newcastle the Englandcable will be connected to the global datacenters.


Large Data centers are heavy industrial scale facilities and require huge amounts of electricity. Norway ´s offer is unique in this context, not only presenting a 97% share of renewables in its power production but also foreseeing a significant surplus and extremely competitive price forecasts for the years to come. Long term power prices in Norway are expected to be the lowest in the Nordics, further boosted by a significant tax reduction from 2016.Abundant, highly competitive and renewable power through a resilient, redundant grid represents a second to none proposal to the datacenters of the future.


Ranked 2nd worldwide in the Cushman & Wakefield 2016 Data Center Risk Index

Abundant renewable power, strong grid and world leading long term prices

A selection of sites both centrally and rurally located with infrastructure and professional representation

Redundant connectivity available today or within compatible timespans

Competitive tax regime, strong economy, competent workforce

Stable political situation, EU-compatible framework

1. Dark Fibre

The Englandcable is a open system providing a total of six dark fiber pairs from Stavanger to Newcastle. We are able to provide dark fiber backhaul to any major PoP in the Nordics or UK.

2. Bandwidth

The Englandcable will offer a range of wavelengths. Products include 10G / 100G and 400G wavelengths at all industry protocols and standards.

3. Spectrum

NO-UK Com can offer flexibility for customer that want to grow their spectrum and may wish to migrate to dark fiber. The service is delivered in percentages of the capacity on a fiber pair. NO-UK Com can upgrade the capacity on short notice.


PHASE 1: Q4 2019

Project startup



Phase 2: Q1-Q2 2020

Permitting + Marine survey


Phase 3: Q3-Q4 2020

Permitting + Manufacturing dry and wet plant


Phase 4: Q1-Q2 2021

Installation of complete system


Start operations: Q3 2021

Ready for service



SlidePROJECT START PHASE 2 PHASE 3 PHASE 4 START OPERATIONS Phase 1: Q4 2019 Project startup PHASE 1: Q4 2019 Project startup PHASE 2: Q1-Q2 2020 Permitting + Marine survey PHASE 3: Q3-Q4 2020 Permitting + Manufacturing dry and wet plant PHASE 4: Q1-Q2 2021 Installation of complete system START OPERATIONS: Q3 2021 Ready for service



The cable landing station in Norway will be located in Green Mountain’s data center at Rennesøy in Rogaland (Tier III data center). The company is a data center for several major Norwegian companies.

Green Mountain has an existing operating environment and an operating center. The facility at Rennesøy is a former NATO ammunition bunker and is well adapted to host the Englandcable. The technical infrastructure is strong with good physical safeguards.

In the UK the plan is to install a cable landing station in the Newcastle area. Here, facilities will be built to pull the cable on-shore. From the landing point, traffic is connected online in the UK. Also, the Englandcable is directly connected to fiber cable to Ireland and directly to the United States.

  • Cable route approx. 700 km
  • Designed technical lifetime 25 years
  • 8 dark fiber pairs system deisigned to provide 240 Tb
  • 1 x 400 Gbit/s initial capacity
  • Data wholesale service at 100/400 Gbit/s / Dark Spectrum

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Geir Ims
Chairman of the Board


The NO-UK Cable Project shall deliver high quality dark fiber connections enabling the establishment of large data centers in Norway. The data centers should consume green hydro power produced in region and enable Norway to become part of a global edge/core data network by 2020.    

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